What does Customer Service mean to us at Capital Carpet and Services?

What sets Capital Carpet and Services apart from all of the other carpet cleaning companies?

Customer Service is a vital component of every business. lt can often mean the difference between success and failure. Customer service will only become more competitive as customers/clients demand even more personalized attention. Creating a personalized, engaging and positive customer experience is just as important as quickly resolving any customer complaints that might come up. Communication is the key to a successful company.

Capital Carpet and Services strives to keep each and every customer/client informed about the job that they have hired us to do for them. Everything from letting them know when we are on route to their property and when work is completed. lf for some reason they are not at the property when work has been completed, a text message will be sent. No second guessing, we want to make each and every client/customer number one. This is what they pay for and what they deserve from Capital Carpet and Services.

Capital Carpet and Services prides themselves in transparent pricing. What this means to our customers is what you are quoted is what you will be charged. We do not upsell you. You will never be charged more than what we quoted you. 

We can quote you over the phone for carpet cleaning and also area rug cleaning. 

We also pick up, clean and drop off any area rugs that you have clean, at no extra delivery charge. Some of our clients even ask us to wrap their area rugs  before we return them for a variety of reasons, such as moving or just not ready to place the area rugs back down. 

We do like to visit the job location whether it is for residential or commercial properties, if you are looking for more than just a charge cleaning – such as tile and grout cleaning, carpet patching, carpet stretching, re-padding and re-laying of carpet.

We guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will send technicians out to make it right, making sure our customers are satisfied at no extra cost to you.

With the rate inflation is rising, it is good to know that you will get good customer service and never have to worry that you are paying more than what you were quoted. We put all of our estimates in writing.

Once we have booked a job with our clients we contact them via emails so they can see first- hand what the final quote will be. Again there are no hidden costs.

Most importantly customer service is our number one priority here at Capital Carpet and Services.