We’ve got carpet cleaning down to a science – chemistry actually.

Capital Carpet and Services has been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 14 years. During that time we have relied on the tried and true method of mixing the correct chemicals to clean and remove different types of stains.  Learning the chemistry behind stain removal is more than adding soap and water.

Most soaps and cleaning agents are alkaline based.  They remove allergens, pollutants and soil.  Most companies rinse the soap with water, which is neutral.  This is the least expensive way to clean.

Sometimes the Best Stance is Neutral

Especially when you’re discussing the pH of your carpet.  Capital Carpet uses an alkaline based detergent to remove dirt and stains.  But, then we add a slightly acidic base to our rinse which brings the carpet back to neutral.  “Conditioning” the carpet in this way means you won’t find any sticky residue left behind in your carpet. A good analogy of this is when you wash your hair.  You use an alkaline based shampoo and then condition it with a slightly acidic conditioner.  The goal is to bring the hair back to neutral and free of residue after cleaning, which is why hair after cleaning should be soft and bouncy.

But, not all stains are created equal!  If we know what has caused a stain we have a better ability to remove it.  If the stain is something that is solvent soluble or protein based (like food, blood, urine or feces) we mix different chemicals to eliminate the stain than if the stain was insoluble based (like ink, Kool-Aid, fruit juice, etc.)  Our goal is to mix the correct chemical combination to bring the carpet back to neutral pH.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up for a chemistry class to keep your carpet stain free.  Capital Carpet and Services and their professional technicians have taken classes in the science of stain removal.

Here’s a few simple ways to care for your carpet and keep it in like-new condition: