I have been in the carpet cleaning business for 4 years (even though the company is in its 19th year). During that time, I have gotten IICRC certified in Carpet cleaning, watched a ton of You tube videos, worked in the field a lot and spoken with people in the industry. What I have learned is one of the best carpet cleaning tools is a machine we have had all along. My former business partner called it an Encapsulation machine that we used at Timeshare and Hotels for a maintenance cleaning which are cleans in between Hot water extractions that should be done yearly. What I have since learned is this machine is also known as a CRB or counter rotating brush machine which is a great agitation tool for carpets that need a little more help to get clean. After pretreating the carpet, the CRB not only lift the carpet fibers but also help bring embedded soils to the surface. The result in exceptional cleaning when we then do the final truck-mount extraction. Another benefit is that we typically use less water while extracting so the drying time is reduced.

I recommend this tool on Nylon carpet and especially on Berber because of its ability to raise the pile of the carpet and release embedded soils and in many cases the stains are removed prior to extracting.

The CRB has interchangeable brushes which can be used for Tile and Grout as well as Area Rugs. The black brushes are more course and are great for getting into grout lines while the white brushes are much softer and do a great job on rugs. The blue brushes are for standard residential and commercial use hence the reason we call this type of cleaning process the Standard clean.

So, if you are on a regular carpet cleaning plan which is every 12-18 months our basic plan might be fine for you but if your not or have pets or high traffic areas you may want to consider our standard plan.

This technology has been around for several years, but I find that not many companies take advantage of this, especially companies that use a dry powder method of cleaning or a portable unit that has less than half the psi that our trunk mounted units use.

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks which is why we continue to learn new things that will better serve our customers.