Are your floors ready for winter weather?

Our area is preparing for the first snow storm of the season. Cold snowy weather might make us want to get under a blanket with a hot drink and a good book or movie.  But, often we have to go out in the snow to go to work, shovel the driveway or even build a snowman. Coming back in from the snowy slush can reek havoc on floors.  Here are some tips to keep the snow and salt off your carpet and flooring.

Outside the Door

Keeping most of the snow and ice, as well as the salt and grime that comes with it, outside is half the battle.  On your front porch or stoop make sure there is a thick, sturdy mat to wipe boots and shoes off well before entering your home.  A boot scraper is great if you have one.  It can remove more from the bottoms of your boots as well as the sides of the soles.

Inside the Door

Another mat inside the door is also a good idea.  After most of the snow is removed by the outside mat, an inside mat will protect your flooring from the moisture still on your shoes.  An inside mat also gives your family a place to stand to remove their shoes before walking further into your home.  In addition to the mat, place a rack or tray near the door for shoes to sit as they dry.  If you don’t have a boot rack, the lid of a plastic tote works well.  The flat plastic surface protects the floor from the melting show and the lip around the sides keeps the water from running out.

Hats and Gloves

Shoes aren’t the only things coming in wet and icy.  Set up a collection point for hats, gloves, scarves and mittens in your entry way.  A dish draining basket inside a plastic tote or dishpan works great to allow wet accessories to dry, while keeping the wet slush contained and off the floor.

Four Legged Family

Now that you have a plan for boots and gloves, what about furry family members who don’t wear shoes? Dogs will come in with snow and ice in their fur and feet. Keep a towel near the door for drying off your pup. Fill a dishpan or bucket with warm water to dunk your pet’s feet in to remove ice and salt.  Not only will washing your dog’s feet keep your floor clean, but many de-icing mixes are toxic to dogs.

Hopefully these tips will keep you safe and your floors clean during the winter weather.  If your carpets or high traffic areas need some TLC after the storms pass, Capital Carpet and Services can get your carpets looking like new and ready for spring.