If you are like my wife and me, you love your pets. My wife is involved with our local Golden Retriever rescue and besides our two dogs we have a challenging foster dog at our home.
Because of this we have had issues with pet stains over the years which my wife is more apt to notice and then I am. Because I own a carpet cleaning company have learned some best practices for taking care of it.

Step 1.

Minor urine or feces stains can be treated with a chemical that brakes up the enzymes and can be steam cleaned away.

Step 2.

For more serious pet damage we must take more drastic steps, there are two ways we can determine this. The first one is by using a black light that can show the phosphorus in the urine and gives off a yellow residue. The second way is by using a moisture meter to detect moisture in the carpet pad because pad acts as a sponge for liquid that gets through the carpet. When that determines to be the case, we lift the carpet, remove and the pad and treat the subfloor if necessary, in the affected areas. We then treat the carpet backing with chemicals that breaks up the enzymes, use the proper dwell time the to get maximum effect. Next, we clean the carpet backing and use powerful fans to quickly dry, re-pad and re-lay the carpet making sure it is stretched tightly before cleaning the carpet itself. Of course, this is pricier and more time consuming then step one but is a great alternative. Fortunately, carpet padding is relatively inexpensive and more cost effective than replacing carpet.

These are both services that we provide. We offer free estimates and are happy to give you a quote.

Another tip for pet owners is to get your carpets professionally cleaned yearly and add our carpet protector that acts like a scotch guard for your carpet. That way if your pet has an accident the stain will stay on the carpets surface and make it much easier to clean off.

Another thing I recommend is to replace your air filters regularly to remove any trapped odors in your home and prevent filtration.
For more information on how we can help you get your house pet odor- free please contact us at Capital Carpet.