At Capital Carpet, we have received a few calls from clients who had scheduled business with another company.  They called us after their appointment was cancelled when the other company’s vehicles or carpet cleaning equipment broke down or malfunctioned.  Like all machinery, carpet cleaning equipment and the vans that carry them, have occasional service interruptions.   Although the machines are built for industrial-use, they are typically running for several hours a day every day.

We did not want to have the same issues with our equipment.  Capital Carpet has always prided itself on new high-tech, high-functioning equipment.  Some of our machines and vans were starting to show their age, so we decided it was time to upgrade.

Capital Carpet has recently invested in all new equipment.  We can continue to offer our Emergency Service at a moment’s notice, without fear of something going wrong. Capital often takes calls from both our commercial and residential customers in need of emergency service for both pet and child accidents.  We also provide mattress cleaning services.

Our goal for emergency response is to be on site within four hours of the accident to provide immediate assistance with water extractions and minor water leaks.  Capital Carpet is IICRC certified for water damage, applied structural drying and mold remediation in addition to carpet cleaning.  If the loss is above our capability we will bring in our restoration partner Stat Services to take over.

Along with the new equipment we have added a new vacuum hose, waterlines and state of the art wands.  This means that we can easily reach areas in apartments, townhouses, condos and hotels.  Some spaces which are up several flights of stairs or down long corridors could be out of reach for some local cleaning and extraction companies.  With the extra hose length, as well as newer and more powerful equipment, few areas are out of reach.

Capital Carpet’s new technology benefits more than our carpet cleaning jobs.  We can adjust the pressure lower on our tile and grout cleanings because our new machines are so efficient.  Our tile and grout equipment has also been updated with new waterlines and brushes, making cleaning faster and more thorough.  Stripping had been one of the most time consuming parts of a strip and wax job.  Now stripping the floor is a breeze with our upgraded products.

If all those upgrades weren’t enough, Capital Carpet is excited to add a new in-house rug cleaning machine.  Because of our increase in area rug cleaning, we will be adding an in-house machine solely for cleaning rugs.  This will allow our technicians to work on rugs at anytime without interrupting our on-site client’s schedules.  Our previous goal was to have rugs completed in 7 to 10 days, depending on what is needed.  Sometimes rugs must be treated several times by our in-house technicians before they are cleaned to our satisfaction and returned to our clients’ homes.  Adding this in-house equipment will increase our turnaround times significantly.

Capital Carpet is proud of our new, upgraded equipment and our business partnership with our cleaning partners, Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads.   Now we can do an even better job of offering a one call, one bill service for all our clients’ cleaning needs.