Something Old is New

I have been in the carpet cleaning business for 4 years (even though the company is in its 19th year). During that time, I have gotten IICRC certified in Carpet cleaning, watched a ton of You tube videos, worked in the field a lot and spoken with people in the industry. What I have learned […]

Pesky Pet Problems

If you are like my wife and me, you love your pets. My wife is involved with our local Golden Retriever rescue and besides our two dogs we have a challenging foster dog at our home. Because of this we have had issues with pet stains over the years which my wife is more apt […]

Apartment Community Carpet Cleaner

Did you know that we clean apartment communities? Our competitors often offer a low initial price which is just a show up fee really? Because we use transparent pricing some upcharges you won’t hear from us include: Pre-spotting Power Scrubbing Pre-treatment Stain removal Our pet decontamination price is 50% less than our competitors typically We […]

Winter Seasonal Allergies 101

Winter can be a difficult time for people with allergies. Winter allergies are similar to summer and spring allergies, but are typically caused by indoor allergens. Here are some steps to reduce the exposure of indoor triggers such as mold spores and dust mites. Many people think that carpets and allergies are a bad combination.  […]

Jack of All Trades?

There is an old saying that if you are a Jack of all trades you are a master of none. When I purchased Capital Carpet and Services, I asked myself, “What could I do to stand out from my competitors?” I thought about offering a service that could get all cleaning needs done with one call […]

Snow is Coming! Are Your Carpets Ready?

Are your floors ready for winter weather? Our area is preparing for the first snow storm of the season. Cold snowy weather might make us want to get under a blanket with a hot drink and a good book or movie.  But, often we have to go out in the snow to go to work, […]

Exciting News from Capital Carpet

At Capital Carpet, we have received a few calls from clients who had scheduled business with another company.  They called us after their appointment was cancelled when the other company’s vehicles or carpet cleaning equipment broke down or malfunctioned.  Like all machinery, carpet cleaning equipment and the vans that carry them, have occasional service interruptions.  […]

The Science of Carpet Cleaning

We’ve got carpet cleaning down to a science – chemistry actually. Capital Carpet and Services has been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 14 years. During that time we have relied on the tried and true method of mixing the correct chemicals to clean and remove different types of stains.  Learning the chemistry behind […]

Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors Golf Tournament

Last Monday, June 19th, Capital Carpet and Services and Dust Bunnies of Hampton Roads were at the James River Country Club Golf Tournament. The Virginia Peninsula of Realtors hosted a golf tournament on June 19th.  All sponsor contributions were donated to the VPAR Charitable Foundation.  Capital Carpet and Dust Bunnies sponsored the 6th hole.  We provided […]