Carpet Stretching

Capital Carpet and Services has professional equipment and trained professionals who are able to perform carpet stretching.

Why is carpet stretching necessary?

Do you have carpet that looks loose or wrinkled? Don’t despair!  It can look like new with professional carpet stretching.  What a difference a stretch makes; it is like a face-lift for your carpet!  Our professional carpet stretching will remove all the bumps and wrinkles that have settled in over time and give your carpet a new and refreshed look.

Some common causes of carpet wrinkling and rippling are:

  • Improper installation
  • Low quality or improper pad
  • Over-wetting
  • Delamination
  • Humidity and temperature

Our technicians will use a pole or power stretcher.  This will stretch your carpet from wall to wall. If your installer used only a knee-kicker to install your carpet, it is likely not stretched to manufacturer’s specifications.

Does Your Carpet Look Worn and Wrinkled?

We can make it look fresh and new again